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Great Decisions

The Foreign Policy Association has existed for over 100 years with a mission to develop awareness, understanding and informed opinion on US foreign policy and global issues. For 60 Years the Foreign Policy Association has provided a program for local informed discussion groups call Great Decisions. This program includes a briefing book, a television series on PBS and public lecture (in NYC). Each year FPA chooses 7-8 foreign policy challenges upon which the briefing book serves as the focal text, providing background information, expert analysis, and suggested questions for discussion. Each topic article is 8-14 pages long.

Topics this year are: Mideast Realignment, Climate Technology and Competition, Science Across Borders, US China Trade rivalry, NATO's Future, Understanding Indonesia, High Seas Treaty, and Pandemic Preparedness.

The briefing book titled Great Decisions 2024 Briefing Book, is $35 and can be ordered online.

The WEX group meets once a month from January to May by Zoom.


Text or call Sheryl for more information. 

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